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21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer

Our goal in this next season of 21 days is to energize our lives, church, and community with the life-giving expression of prayer in our lives.  Through daily readings as well as daily audio prayer starters we will be joining together in prayers of agreement. 


Matthew 18:18-20

“What I’m about to tell you is true. What you lock on earth will be locked in heaven. What you unlock on earth will be unlocked in heaven.

 “Again, here is what I tell you. Suppose two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for. My Father in heaven will do it for you. Where two or three people gather in my name, I am there with them.”


Let’s put the word of God into action.  Let’s pray together.  Let’s pray in agreement.  Let’s allow our prayers to be the actuators of physical, life changing breakthrough.  We would love to hear your stories of how this prayer time is working in your life or changing things.  Leave a comment on the church Facebook or drop a comment card in the boxes on Sunday.

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