Our History.

Village West Family Church has a long and rich heritage as a church body. Formerly, Victoria Tabernacle Assembly of God,  the church has been a church for thousands in the Kansas City area.  Rev. H.W. Barnett became the pastor in 1940. Under his leadership, the church grew to over 1000 in attendance, being known for Sunday School for children, bringing hundreds of children week after week and being an evangelistic light to the community.

The church suffered many natural disasters that seemed destined to take the church out, but God prevailed, time after time, providing each time. In 1951, Victoria Tabernacle was destroyed by the worst flood in the history of the United States. The church was completely destroyed along with 13 buses. By spring of 1952 the church had purchased new property at 15th and Central in Kansas City, Kansas and finished it building in time for Easter Sunday that year. The church continued to grow and reach out to the community. It became known also for its musical outreaches, its choirs and dramas and live singing christmas tree.

In 1977, nature again struck the church. This time the church was struck by fire that caused over 200,000 dollars in damage. Once again, the body of believers prevailed and the church was repaired and continued on doing the work of God.

In June of 1983, the church suffered the worst blow of it's history. Their beloved Pastor, H. W. Barnett died at the age of 68. He served the church faithfully and was a member of the Kansas City Kansas School board until the time of his death.

In August of that same year, the church elected Wm. R. Eccles as their pastor. They continued the work that God had started until the spring of 1990 when Pastor P.G. Martin, his wife Becky and children came to the pastorate.

Under Pastor Martin's leadership the church felt the need to move the church and reach out to the entire area of Wyandotte County. They purchased property at 102nd and Parallel Parkway and broke ground in June of 1999. On April 2, 2000 they dedicated their new building and renamed it Victoria Tabernacle Family Church. The church enjoyed the blessing of the new facility but was soon struck by yet another natural disaster! On May 4, 2003, the building was demolished by an F4 tornado.

The church rebuilt and remains at 102nd and Parallel Parkway under the new name Village West Family Church. The church installed new pastors in August of 2010 naming Pastor Kenneth Kendall and his wife, Brooke, as the new lead pastors of this church.

It is a new day of blessing at Village West Family Church. God has a supreme plan for this body and the staff and leadership are excited about the opportunities to bring His Church to the communities of Wyandotte and Johnson Counties and the surrounding areas. The area has seen much growth and the church is primed and ready to accept the challenge of being a place of resource, strength, hope, and community to this area of Kansas City, Kansas.